📢 Puzzling Places - ‘Simple Mode’ Update v1.17!

📢 Puzzling Places - ‘Simple Mode’ Update v1.17!

Curious about trying a 400 piece puzzle but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve already started, but feeling overwhelmed by the endless pages of puzzle pieces? With the latest feature update, Simple Mode, you are now able to tackle large puzzles in organized sections - available today as a free update to all players!

What is it?

Simple Mode is a new feature in Puzzling Places that allows you to put together a large puzzle by completing a series of smaller sections, called chapters. This makes 200-400 piece puzzles feel less intimidating and overwhelming for players who are not used to managing multiple pages of puzzle pieces. You can also think of it as unlocking 8 new 25-50 piece puzzles for each existing puzzle - so much content at your fingertips!

How does it work?

Simple Mode adds two new difficulty variants in the “piece count selection” menu for each puzzle. Here’s how the puzzles are broken down into sections:

  • Simple 200: 8 chapters of 25 pieces
  • Simple 400: 8 chapters of 50 pieces

When you start a Simple 200 or Simple 400 puzzle, you will be presented with the first 25-50 pieces of the puzzle. Once you put together the first section, you will be presented with the next set. Each section you complete contributes to the bigger picture, until you have eventually completed the whole puzzle.


Every puzzle in Simple Mode is designed to be completed linearly. However, this mode also introduces a new randomizer feature that you can use if you are feeling stuck. Using the randomizer will allow you to move onto another chapter and return back to that unfinished chapter later.

Puzzling Places was designed to be relaxing, not stressful. Now, with Simple Mode, players of all skill levels can experience the vivid details of a 400 piece puzzle without feeling overwhelmed by the process. Simple Mode is a free update available now for all players!

Happy puzzling!

_-realities.io team-_