🧩 Puzzling Places DLC - Monthly Pack #23

🧩 Puzzling Places DLC - Monthly Pack #23

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Hey Puzzlers,

This month, we're thrilled to present a brand new variety pack, Monthly Pack #23! Available today for $4.99 or accessible for Puzzle Pass subscribers (Quest only).

This pack introduces two new 1000 piece puzzles!

Dive into an array of stunning locations with the 'Sakelarios Mansion Room' in Kozani, Greece, 'The Monolith' in Oslo, Norway, 'Lighthouse Island' in Corsica, France, 'The Knight' from the Cleveland Museum of Art, an 'Old piano' in Southam, England, and a New York style 'Restaurant Cab' in Versailles, France. This pack offers a diverse collection of puzzles that span across the globe, each bringing its own unique story and beauty.

Note for PlayStation VR2 (North and South American players only) - Monthly Pack #23 will be available for purchase on Saturday, April 6th.

Included Puzzles

Sakelarios Mansion Room

  • Location: Kozani, Greece
  • Scan by: George Agelis
  • Max. 1000 pieces

The Monolith

  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Scan by: Ørjan Sandland
  • Max. 1000 pieces

Lighthouse Island

  • Location: Corsica, France
  • Scan by: Daniel Sproll
  • Max. 400 pieces

The Knight

  • Location: South Tyrol, Italy
  • Provided by: Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Max. 400 pieces

Old piano

  • Location: Southam, England
  • Scan by: Alex Tench
  • Max. 400 pieces

Restaurant Cab

  • Location: Versailles, France
  • Scan by: Alban
  • Max. 400 pieces

Attribution and Licenses

  • The 'Sakelarios Mansion Room', 'The Monolith', and 'Lighthouse Island' puzzles are licensed under CC Attribution. 'The Knight' is under CC0 Public Domain. The licensing for 'Old piano' and 'Restaurant Cab' follows the Standard license.

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Happy puzzling!
-realities.io team