🎁 New FREE Puzzle - The Haunted House!

🎁 New FREE Puzzle - The Haunted House!

It’s time to get spooky with this year’s Halloween special puzzle, “The Haunted House”!

Available today for all Quest and PS VR players for free!

This spooky puzzle was made with a photogrammetry 3D scan of an old house from the small town of Volozhka, Russia. We’ve taken the 3D model and transformed it into a Halloween-themed haunted house - full of pumpkins, gravestones, and a glimpse of the Nosferatu vampire himself!

So this Halloween, whether you’re fully decked out in Halloween costumes, or kicking back in your home with the porch light turned off, enjoy this spooky free puzzle of “The Haunted House”!

The Haunted House:

  • Location: Volozhka, Russia
  • Scan by: Eugene Loginov [1]
  • Max. 400 pieces
  • Premium Audio

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Attribution and Licenses

[1] The "Haunted House" puzzle was created using a photogrammetry scan by eugene.loginov and licensed under the Standard Sketchfab License. Additional assets by Amatousekfoto, SomeKevin, Nelesh_surve, , STRAWBERRY CHEETAH, DZs, Inna Reiman, DivyeSh PanchAl, OscarWW, Huargenn.

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