📺 Puzzling Places - Dev Chat #4

📺 Puzzling Places - Dev Chat #4

The Puzzling Places Dev Chat live podcast is back!

These semi-regular Dev Chats are a great way to get a peak behind the curtain to learn about how we are developing Puzzling Places - and not to mention, get introduced to the people making the game!

This month's Dev Chat is all about the "making of the Passthrough Update" where CEO and co-founder Daniel Sproll, Game Dev. Intern Elias Duda, join Puzzlemaker Azad Balabanian to discuss:

  • Passthrough Feature Update
  • Passthrough Limitations
  • Interesting Passthrough Prototypes
  • The unique Color Picker Feature
  • And all the new features/changes to Puzzling Places since the last Dev Chat!

If you'd like to watch these Dev Chats live as well as participate in the Q&A, we'll send out a push notification through Discord whenever we go live.

If you'd like to watch the previous Dev Chats, you can find them all on Youtube!

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Happy puzzling!

- realities.io Team -