Puzzling Places on Apple Vision Pro™

Puzzling Places on Apple Vision Pro™
The 100-piece Mont Saint Michel puzzle in Puzzling Places on Apple Vision Pro.

Today, we're thrilled to announce that Puzzling Places is coming to Apple Vision Pro™–Available today for free on the App Store!

Redesigned from the ground up, Puzzling Places takes advantage of Vision Pro's advanced eye and hand tracking systems to give you a unique way to interact with puzzles pieces and put together beautiful photorealistic dioramas from around the world.


The Apple Vision Pro is a unique new platform for spatial computing and we quickly realized porting Puzzling Places as-is wouldn't feel right.

Instead, we re-designed it from the ground-up taking advantages of the unique interface of Vision Pro. Don't be surprised if the gameplay feels a bit different than what you'd would expect if you've played Puzzling Places on Quest, PlayStation VR, or other VR platforms!

Each puzzle begins with a central piece that you connect all the other pieces to. You're presented with four or more pieces in the shelf that you can pull out, move, and connect to the central piece. Instead of having to lift your arm to grab and move pieces you can select them with your gaze and a tap before you move them to their destination with a slight dragging of your hand from a more comfortable position.


Selecting a piece in the shelf, pulling it, and puzzling it to the central piece.

As you progress through the puzzle towards completion, the sound scape is filled in with all the intricate soundscapes that you've come to love Puzzling Places for.


Puzzling Places comes with three unique puzzles which you might recognize from previously released Monthly Puzzle Packs.

The 100-piece Prayer Hall puzzle.

You start off with the simple, 25-piece Cozy Cabin puzzle, located in a snowy Czech forest. You then advance to the beautifully detailed 100-piece interior of Prayer Hall located in the Uzbek Registan complex, captured by Global Digital Heritage. Finally, you round it off with the breathtaking 200-piece Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO world heritage site towering over the tidal sea of northern France, scanned by Gerpho3D via airplane.

The puzzle selection screen.

Given the fact that we now have a library of over 150 puzzles other VR platforms, we're starting off with a humble selection of puzzles on Vision Pro while we continue to learn, experiment, and understand what works best on this new platform.

We're working on bringing more puzzles to Puzzling Places on Vision Pro in the very near future!

Spatial Computing

Spatial computing is a somewhat new term to describe what a operating system native to AR/VR could be like–It's all about being able to do your personal computing, movie watching, and gaming without being bounded to a screen size limitations of a phone, tablet, or a computer monitor.

We've designed Puzzling Places on Vision Pro to exist as a "volume" app within the VisionOS Shared Space, meaning, it can float alongside your other apps for easy multitasking–pull up a movie or podcast and place it alongside Puzzling Places! Call a friend on FaceTime to chat while you finish a puzzle!


What it also means is that you can play Puzzling Places in your room (with passthrough) or in a fully virtual environment with Apple's immersive Environments.

One neat aspect of Vision Pro is that you can even choose an in-between option (by spinning the Digital Crown) where only a segment of your view is an immersive virtual environment and the rest is passthrough!

A blend of an immersive Environment with Passthrough.

That's all for now–While Apple Vision Pro is still a very new platform that most do not have access to (it's currently only available in the US), the potential it offers is quite exciting. We hope you find this new development as interesting as we do.


Connecting the final piece for the 25-piece Cozy Cabin puzzle.

As always, we're continuing to develop Puzzling Places on Quest, PS VR2, Pico, and other platforms. In case you missed it, yesterday we released "Monthly Pack #21: Estonia", our latest DLC pack bringing you 6 new puzzles!

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Happy puzzling!

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